About Porcelain Tile Clearance Sale

We as a manufacturer founded in 2015, set out on a journey to make our highly diverse products available at affordable prices.

Created at the highest standards and with the latest technology in the ceramics industry, our products are now available in more than 50 countries including chiefly UK, Germany, France, Spain, USA and Russia.

We will continue production with 7mm products for most of its series. Due to this decision, we will make an auction to liquidate our current 10 mm inventory, with prices starting from $0.15/m2. All porcelain tiles subject to the auction are produced with high quality, and will be sold under following three categories : 1st quality, Industrial grade small sizes and industrial grade large sizes.

As of June 2020, the inventory subject to sale is approx. 750,000 m2 and sales will proceed under normal prices and terms until 1 July 2020. On July 1st, the sales will be closed until the auction date of July 18, and the remaining inventory items will be listed in porcelainclearance.com website with detailed quantity, size, surface and class information.

The minimum quantity to be bought in the clearance is 3,600 m2.

Prospected buyers will be able to visit the factory and see the products between July 10-18 in Bozuyuk / Turkey.